Sam Ducharme is a 2,000-Miler! • Recognized by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in 2015

Sam Ducharme (Sam I Am)

Author of: Sole Searching
on the Appalachian Trail

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Public Speaking

Superb Presentations on Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail

With Sam Ducharme leading the discussion, you'll feel like you're on the Appalachian Trail. His enthusiasm for sharing his adventures will keep you glued to your seat and inspired to go on an adventure of your own. During his presentation, you'll get the dirt on long distance backpacking as well as take in the breathtaking scenery Sam saw along the way. He'll also share funny stories, poignant stories, and lots of dirty stories!

An Inspirational & Interactive Presentation

The presentation runs for 90 minutes and includes a PowerPoint slideshow. It focuses on his true life journey, where he was surprised to find a trail culture that exists out there. Audiences will learn facts about the area as well as all about the wildlife, people, and scenery; and are encouraged to ask questions.

The entire presentation is inspirational, fun, and poignant. Hiking enthusiasts find it highly informative. Sam interacts with the audience and also displays his hiking gear. You'll learn logistics and helpful hiking techniques, as well as how to survive in the woods for up to six months.

This presentation also renews your faith in humanity. While thru-hiking on the trail, Sam was totally amazed by the kindness of others. Many people opened their homes to him, drove him around the various towns, and provided him with food.

Schedule a Lecture

Contact Sam directly for more information or details about his presentation. He loves to have fun and is always enthusiastic. Booking at least one month in advance is highly recommended, and a projector and screen are required. Once you've scheduled, you'll receive a promotional photo and a program to advertise the event. This presentation is ideal for young adults, hiking enthusiasts, and those who simply want to hear about an exciting outdoor adventure.

Sam I Am